Overdue Updates

Amazing… TWO WEEKS without blogging. I hope none of you filed a missing person report! Fortunately, I’m perfectly safe, just exhausted (and fighting a bit of a cold) after an insane two weeks.

Let me catch you up.

Remember my crazy travel schedule? I’m done. Reaching Out MBA was great, as usual – got to meet some wonderful candidates, see some old friends, and make some new professional contacts. The Out & Equal Workplace Summit was phenomenal — the best one yet — and it’s going to warrant its own post in the near future. The wedding in Florida was delightful, and will get its own post soon as well. And the PFLAG convention at the end of this week is going to have to suffer through without me, ’cause I’m sick, and exhausted, and cranky… Basically I’m just not getting anywhere near a plane this week.

Remember my whining about how I wasn’t feeling fulfilled at work? I had a GREAT conversation with my manager the very next day, about the very topic. I expressed pretty much the same concerns with her as I had posted here, with an emphasis on “I want to be making more of an impact” and she very clearly told me that I didn’t have anything to worry about. Yes, I wasn’t really making a huge contribution to the team, but that was partially by design while the dust settles with a bunch of organizational and project changes. And she saw this as a great opportunity for me to focus on the big Diversity conferences that were running me ragged, so the timing was perfect.

Let’s not forget the furniture delivery guys that screwed up the assembly and installation of my home office here in New York City… The morning after I sent my scathing email, I got a call from every step of the supply chain involved with the process, apologizing and promising to make things right. The delivery company sent their most experienced crew to come inspect the partially completed work, declared most of it botched, and hauled it away. That same crew has since come back to complete part of the order, and will finish it up this morning. I’ll finally have my home office complete and be ready to unpack everything in there.

And finally, remember my friends the downstairs neighbors, who were banging on the ceiling to protest the noise coming from my apartment above theirs? Well, our new rugs from West Elm came in, and they are doing a fine job of muffling the noise of the dogs (mostly Nala) and us (mostly Sal) thumping around on the floor. We haven’t heard a peep out of them in awhile. (And I tried mightily not to snicker when I saw they had a lawsuit for their $10,000 unpaid Discover bill taped to the front door of the building this morning… but I failed, and snickered. I’m not proud.)

All in all, it’s just been a whirlwind couple of weeks. I’ve got lots of stuff on my mind about these and other events, so stay tuned for some catch-up blogging. In the mean time, rest assured that GatorUptown is in good spirits and will be back with you again soon.

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