Spoke too soon!

One day I will learn not to jinx myself… Apparently yesterday when I announced that my home office furniture madness was finally going to be fixed later that day, I was getting a little ahead of myself.

Believe it or not, on this afternoon’s visit (the delivery company’s FOURTH ONE) the installers realized that they were missing two key pieces for half of the desk.

Yes, frustrating as hell… But on the bright side, they WERE able to finish one whole side of the desk, assemble the keyboard tray and the built-in lights, attach the hutch, and get both the 2-drawer and 3-drawer filing cabinets all squared away.

All of this means that I’m finally able to partially install my home office equipment. I have my docking station all set up for my work laptop, with external monitors and keyboard/mouse attached. And this afternoon I was finally able to open and install my new home office phone, so I will stop using my iPhone for conference calls.

The furniture guys are just missing the “bridge” piece that extends out to the left of that desk (making it into an L-shaped configuration) and the flat panel that comes down from the bridge to form the left wall of the desk. So close, and yet so far.

And of course, the delivery company that assembles and installs the furniture doesn’t actually maintain an inventory of parts — they just put together the pieces that are then shipped. Which means we now have to wait for another shipment of parts to be sent from the manufacturer, then to be scheduled for delivery, and hopefully installed correctly.

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that the FIFTH time will be the charm.

In other desk-related news, I’ve finally found someone who will come pick up my old desk and put it to good use. Maybe it’s my mother’s hoarding influence coming out of me, but I’ve been resisting the suggestion to put a $450 desk to the curb to be thrown away, and instead have been trying to find someone on Craigslist who will buy it for a measly $50 and come pick it up. Tomorrow morning, it will finally be out of here and off to its new home.

Wait — I just went and jinxed myself again, didn’t I?

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