NYC Shut-in (Revisited)

I’ve lived in New York for five weeks now, but I’ve barely spent any time on the ground exploring the city. Five weeks — that’s how long it takes to officially become a shut-in. (My declaration of such shortly after moving in was a false alarm.)

Tonight I’m breaking the death-grip my apartment has on me.

Granted, it’s not entirely my fault. Of those five weeks, I’ve only actually been in town ONE WEEKEND, as I moved to NYC right before my crazy travel month of October.

And during the week, it’s easy to find yourself poorly motivated to get out and do something, particularly when you work from home, and your significant other works two jobs and is rarely home at night. Way too many nights I’ve found myself working until nearly bedtime, if for no other reason than the work waiting for me was more pressing than the television in the other room.

Having two needy dogs doesn’t help, particularly when you know they’ll make a hell of a ruckus if you put them in their kennel so you can go out. We’ve apparently had a bit of a truce for the last couple of weeks with the downstairs neighbors, and I’m reluctant to break the cease-fire frivolously.

But really, all of that is just a series of excuses. I’ve been lazy, and I’ve been lonely, but the laziness has been stronger. I have very few friends who are REALLY close by (measured in terms of walking distance or subway commute time) and I haven’t been motivated enough to get out and go visit people. It’s been easier to sit at home and grumble.

Well, no more! Tonight I’m headed down to Chelsea to have a bite to eat and see a bit of improv comedy. And in a bizarre twist of fate, the three friends who are joining me are all also Charlotte refugees, having each moved up here within the last year or two. I wasn’t planning to have a Charlotte reunion tonight — it just sort of worked out that way.

And then, plans with other friends on Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, with a great big question mark over the evenings. Maybe I’ll finally hook up the Xbox and have an online reunion with some Halo buddies?

Looks like the old me is starting to elbow his way around the grumpy old shut-in that had been masquerading as Kevin.

2 Responses to NYC Shut-in (Revisited)

  1. Micki says:

    See you tonight, glad to be included in the “breakout” festivities!

  2. […] there have been some low moments. The first month or so had me barely leaving the apartment, and I really had to learn to adjust to Sal’s work schedule leaving us very little time […]

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