Foursquare mayorships

In another instance of Foursquare being there to chronicle major life events, I’m finding that the rise and fall of Mayor status is aptly reflecting my relocation from Charlotte to New York City.

It’s a slight vindication of my near-obsessive need to “check in” when arriving at an establishment, which has earned me no small amount of grief from friends. As I see my “Mayor” status vanish, meaning I’m no longer the person who has checked in there the most often in the last two months, I realize that I’ve left certain favorite haunts behind. But then I start acquiring new mayorships in NYC, and I realize this is my new home.

It started with the near-immediate loss of Mayor status at the US National Whitewater Center and its River’s Edge Bar & Grill. That didn’t surprise me much, because those were hard-fought campaigns and I lost and gained them frequently, given the popularity of both. Still, I did get a little nostalgic when I saw that I’d lost them — it’s definitely the place I miss the most about Charlotte.

Losing the mayorship of the Gateway Village dry cleaners actually provoked a laugh — I rarely went there, but apparently I’d been persistent in my check-ins. It also reminded me that I have a TON of suits and dress shirts that are badly in need a cleaning — the aftermath of all of my October business travels.

Of course, with these losses come some new gains. I quickly became the Mayor of my apartment complex, though I’ve resolved to not check in there unless I’ve actually left and come back. (With me working from home, this is a legitimate concern — I’ll go a couple of days without actually going inside another building, sometimes!)

And naturally, I earned a mayorship last night that confirmed to me that I’ve officially gotten settled in my new home. You’re looking at the new Mayor of Orchid Liquors, the wine and spirits store around the corner from my apartment.

Yes folks, I’m home.

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