Donations Needed for Needy Schoolchildren — 100% MATCH THIS WEEK!

My friend teaches Third Grade in Oakland, CA and shared something amazing with me today. An organization named Donor’s Choose is matching donations to her classroom fund this week, which means you can help support her classroom and see your money DOUBLED by a charitable organization.

If you know how badly teachers need financial support to buy things for their classrooms, you know how incredibly this opportunity is. But you have to act fast.

First, check out my friend’s “Teacher Page” on the Donor’s Choose website. When you do, you’ll see this introduction:

My amazing young students are bright, enthusiastic and curious about the world. 98% of the student population at our school is made up of children coming from very low socio-economic households. My students often lack exposure to the communities and world around them. Many of our students’ families do not speak English in their homes and therefore even exposure to everyday language is limited. Furthermore it is very rare that they have a computer in their household. School budgets are suffering right now and we simply do not have the funding to help get our kids the technological resources that would help to increase their exposure to the world and motivate their interest in learning new things.

There are two different projects posted on her Teacher Page right now, both of which will help purchase technology to better educate her classroom. If you decide that you want to support one of these projects, you can double your financial contribution very easily:

  • Select the project you want to contribute towards
  • Make a donation using a credit card
  • Enter the match code “SPARK” when you check out
  • Sit back and feel good about helping needy school children

If you work for a company like my employer, who matches employees’ charitable contributions, you can go even farther to help support… Follow your company’s standard practice for matching donations, and you can add even more money to this fund for needy school children.

Look at this teacher and these kids:

Don’t you want to contribute five, ten, twenty, or even more dollars to help these kids?  Especially knowing that if you do it this week and follow the instructions above, your donation will be doubled?

And of course, as your favorite soulless banker, I have to add: your donation may be tax deductible, so do it now and you may get some of your donation back in tax benefits when you file 2011 taxes in a few months! (Of course you should check with your tax advisor or tax preparation software to be sure, and blah blah blah.)

Please, go to the Donor’s Choose website and make your donation this week. Thanks in advance for helping my friend and her classroom.

One Response to Donations Needed for Needy Schoolchildren — 100% MATCH THIS WEEK!

  1. cre8ivered says:

    Kevin you are just simply wonderful! (Although I’ve known that for about 15 years now.) Thank you so much for all of your support!

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