Terrible presents

Television host Jimmy Kimmel issued his viewers a challenge: give your kids a fake (and terrible) Christmas present, and film their reactions. In the spirit of Christmas giving, I feel compelled to share this video of the results.

Props to that one kid who chastised his sister for not being appreciative. And how cute was she, trying to explain how much she loved her mom’s cooking and appreciated the thought anyway?

That kid at the end was pretty funny, from a pure “I can’t believe he actually said that, it’s too funny to be mad” perspective… but I’ll tell you, the crying whiny fat kid deserves some retribution for being such a greedy little shit.

A friend watching the video with me had a great solution: Those parents should save that video, and make sure that when he grows up to be a surly teenager, they show that video to his high school friends. That’ll teach him to be so ungrateful.

Merry Christmas!

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