Jackson Heights neighborhood

It was a gorgeous morning outside so we took a little longer on our walk than normal, and stopped at the coffee shop down the street. Sal grabbed us a couple of morning beverages and a danish to split, and we sat down on a bench outside the shop.

What happened next is a great example of why I love this neighborhood.

A woman came out of the store and sat down on the bench next to us, and remarked that our dogs were pretty. We struck up a conversation, first about the beautiful weather, then about our plans for the afternoon, and finally about Broadway shows and auditions and such.

Eventually we decided to go — the dogs still hadn’t actually had their breakfast — and ambled on home. We walked past a couple outside our apartment who were loading some furniture into a vehicle, and they said hello and asked our how day was.

After going upstairs to our apartment, I exchanged text messages with a neighbor and confirmed our plans to check out a neighborhood barbecue place for dinner together this evening.

Have I mentioned that I love my neighborhood?! Sure, I’ve had the occasional disappointing encounter, but certainly far fewer than the pleasant surprises. When I pictured living in New York City, it was never with this sort of neighborhoody feel… I had worried that I left all that behind when I moved out of Charlotte.

Don’t worry, M Street neighbors, you’re still on the Neighbor All-Stars list and I miss you dearly. But if I have to live away from you all, I’m glad it’s in a place like this.

4 Responses to Jackson Heights neighborhood

  1. Micki says:

    Not to mention a fantastic rooftop view!!

  2. […] after about two months, I finally started to feel settled in here. I’ve come to really enjoy our neighborhood in Jackson Heights, and we’ve been fortunate to get to know several fantastic couples within a two-block radius […]

  3. […] responsible for the rent until someone takes over the lease. (Anybody want a two-bedroom apartment in a great neighborhood in Queens at an incredibly reasonable-for-NYC […]

  4. […] of subway options, lots of grocery stores and restaurants and bars in close walking distance, and the neighborhood itself is amazing. So much diversity and culture and friendliness, all around us. It would take a lot to convince me […]

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