Operation: Charlotte Invasion

2008 was the year of the weekend invasions, including trips to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cocoa Beach, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and New York City. I think we should kick off 2012 with a trip to Charlotte.

And naturally, my proposal involves the opening weekend of rafting season at the U.S. National Whitewater Center.

Friends and frequent readers all know that I became full-on obsessed with the USNWC over the past year and a half, and it was genuinely one of the most painful things about moving from Charlotte to New York City last year. (Friends can come visit me in NYC – the Whitewater Center ain’t getting on a plane anytime soon!) So, I frequently peruse the USNWC website to keep in the loop, and guess what?!

They’ve posted their hours of operation for 2012, including a calendar showing when rafting season is expected to open up for the season:

The beginning of that beautiful swath of blue is what we’re looking for: Saturday, March 10th is the first weekend day that the Whitewater Center is projecting to have rafting available to the public.

So here’s my challenge to friends from near and far: who’s going to join me on the first Weekend Invasion of 2012?! Friends from outside of Charlotte can road trip, fly, bus, or train their way into the Queen City… Friends from New York in particular can talk to me about carpooling. And friends in Charlotte just have to agree to play tour guide.

I picture a full day at the Whitewater Center of rafting, followed by an evening of Mexican food and beer with the raft guides. And then of course, we have to spend the rest of the weekend touring favorite places in Charlotte, particularly for those peeps that I’m conning into visiting Charlotte for the first time.

I’ve been pestering many of my friends from Out West to visit me for years… Here’s your chance.

New Yorkers who never succumbed to frequent invitations from Sal ‘n me to visit Charlotte: here’s your chance.

Friends who’ve visited several times and are just waiting for an excuse to do it again: here’s your chance.

C’mon people… Let’s do this. We’ll commute in on Friday March 9th. Who’s coming with me?!

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