Christians vs. Theatre

Queen City Theatre is a small company in Charlotte, North Carolina known for producing stage plays that frequently include gay content. And many Christians are all up in arms about its upcoming production.

What really pisses me off is how much they are defiling the ideals that Jesus is known for. The Christians, not the theatre.

Queen City Theatre‘s upcoming production of The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told was bound to rattle a few cages, and indeed, that may have partially been the point. Theatre is often meant to be provocative, to challenge expectations, and to get people talking. But I’m sure even the guys behind QCTC didn’t expect this much mania to surround the show.

The play is written by Paul Rudnick, perhaps best known for his films Jeffrey and In and Out. The man is a comedian, and his works often involve a hefty dose of humor and a lot of gay content. So it’s no surprise that this play, which tells the story of gay couple Adam and Steve in the Garden of Eden and their travels with lesbians Jane and Mabel, would be sarcastic and a bit controversial.

Apparently some religious groups aren’t taking this lightly, and are organizing protests against the company (and the local theatre organization that actually owns the stage.) It seems that the satirical portrayal of Biblical characters as gays or lesbians is so blasphemous that they feel compelled to fight back.

As of Friday morning, more than 13,000 Christians have written angry, hateful, and even threatening emails to the production company and the theatre owner. Because that’s what Jesus would do, don’t you think?

These Christians seem to think so. It appears they believe that Jesus would have advocated spending untold hours railing against a theatrical production in a city many of them don’t live in, one which absolutely no-one is forced to attend, and one which is produced by a theatre company well known for its gay (though certainly not exclusively) themed shows.

Yes, spend hours and hours writing emails. Print up picket signs and flock to Charlotte to surround the theatre. Make sure everyone in a two-mile radius knows that the producers, actors, and staff are going to Hell, along with everyone who sits through the performance without condemning it.

Because that’s what Jesus would do. Right?

What’s even worse is that of course 99% of these protesters have never seen the play, and haven’t even read the script. And of course NOT ONE of them has seen QCTC’s production of it, because it hasn’t opened yet. This is all based on rabble-rousing from a few particularly enthusiastic organizers who caught wind of the theatre’s plans and threw a fit.

Frankly this reminds me of the rabid, vehement, unyielding war against same-sex marriage in the United States. I think of the unimaginable number of hours, and the millions upon millions (billions?) of dollars devoted to resisting same-sex marriage (voluntary same-sex marriage, mind you, between two people who both want it, in no way forced upon anyone or required to be sanctified by any religious group or leader.)

Neither the marriage of the gay couple down the street nor the gay-themed play around the corner (or indeed, the gay marriages and gay-themed plays across the country) have anything to do with these Christians, or in any way affect them… But these people will devote their time, energy, and money to fighting against them.

When I think of the things that all of this time, energy, and money could be used for — things like feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, clothing the poor, and sheltering the homeless — it absolutely sickens me.

And from what I’ve read of Jesus — the man who preached turning the other cheek, loving your neighbor, standing up for those who are downtrodden and cast aside, taking care of people who need your help, and so on — I can’t help but imagine that he’d be sickened by it also.

It’s absolutely nauseating what many Christians do in the name of Jesus, in complete contradiction to the words and acts that Jesus is known for.

3 Responses to Christians vs. Theatre

  1. D Farmer says:

    Kevin – I am going to opening night !!!!! I will love walking past protesters if necessary

  2. Michelle Shepherd says:

    You guys are awesome! I am definitely coming to see this ❤

  3. John Batanides says:

    And the 10,000 ft view is that both groups and all posters are allowed to voice their beliefs because of this amazing country we all live in. There are lots of places where the cultural police would have read the blogg and been knocking down the writer’s door and escorting him to his new accommodations under the jail house. Along the same line of the writer’s amazement with his perceptions of the Christians’ actions and how they are completely averse to JCs teachings, one standing on the sidelines at this ongoing pissing match between both sides might find huge doses of judgmental comments with hostile intent coming from both camps. Circling back around to the original point, freedom of speech in our country, freedom of choice from JC, freedom for both sides to decide where to spend their energys.

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