Operation: Charlotte Invasion vs. Green River Revival

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my scheme for Operation: Charlotte Invasion, to converge on Charlotte for the opening weekend of rafting season… Now I’m contemplating a slight change of plans.

You see, the U.S. National Whitewater Center is taunting me with a big event on the second weekend of the season: the Green River Revival.

I enjoyed the hell out of last year’s Green River Revival. But of course, last year they timed it so that the Green River Revival was on opening weekend, so we got to kill two birds with one raft!

There’s a certain symbolic value in traveling down to Charlotte for opening weekend this year… but there’s also a great attraction to the Green River Revival, which is more than just the impressive feat of turning the rapids green. It’s also the first River Jam of the year, and my readers all know how much I love me some River Jam.

So what are your thoughts, readers? Do I carry on with the scheme to invade Charlotte with friends from all over the country — indeed, from all over the world — the weekend that coincidentally spans the Whitewater Center’s first rafting weekend of 2012? Or do I postpone by a week and come down for the Green River Revival, adding a bit of spectacle and wonder to an already awesome place?

One Response to Operation: Charlotte Invasion vs. Green River Revival

  1. […] back to Charlotte over St. Patrick’s Day weekend… and will be at the USNWC for the Green River Revival again this year. I’ll even be packing a suitcase with my rafting gear, including an extremely […]

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