Payday Exodus

For those teammates at my company who were actually awarded an incentive bonus for 2011, their annual bonus was paid out today. And also today, lots of teammates are announcing that they are leaving the company.

Surely it’s just a coincidence that they are leaving the same day that their bonus hits their bank accounts, right? 😛

Laughing all the way to the bank

Of course I’m kidding — clearly these are very deliberate decisions around waiting for their annual bonus to be secured before leaving. And of course I don’t blame anyone for doing so… if I was going to be leaving the company, and I was very close to February 15th, I would absolutely wait also.

But still… it makes me sad. We’re losing good talent, good people, and good friends. I wish them the best, and I’m happy that they’ve found new career opportunities elsewhere and were able to snag a bonus for their hard work last year. But I’ll miss them.

And unfortunately, it seems that includes my boss.

When I took this job back in June, it was specifically because I had such a monumental interview with her and was incredibly impressed. Her professional background so perfectly matched the kind of areas that I am passionate about: learning, leadership development, organizational readiness, etc. I took this job specifically to work for her, and to learn from her.

Now granted, the first several months that I was on the team, there was a lot of shift in what my actual responsibilities would be. I was supposed to be one of three people hired for my area, but a hiring freeze right after my start date foiled that plan. We eventually worked out what I’d be doing, and then a reorganization and some layoffs foiled that Plan B. FINALLY we settled on my true job function, but part of that included a goal of having my boss serve as a mentor to me in HR-related functions above and beyond my regular responsibilities.

And now, she’s moving on. Of course I’m very happy for her, and for the great new adventure that she and her family have ahead of them. She’s a smart, experienced, talented leader, and she deserves this new chance to really shine. But the selfish side of me is sad that I’ve lost the chance to have such a terrific mentor overseeing my department.

Bye, bye 😦

Unfortunately, I have no idea what’s going to happen to my team after our boss leaves. I’m not really concerned about any of us losing our jobs, as we still have critical work to do. But of course, I wonder whether our team will get a new boss, or whether we’ll be split up and dropped into existing teams, or what. And naturally I wonder what these new changes will mean for my career path, for my Diversity work, and for my general level of comfort and excitement at the company.

Best case scenario, a really great successor will come in and pick right up where my boss left off, and everything will be seamless. I’m skeptical, but a bit of near-stability sure would be a welcome surprise.

Time will tell. Fingers crossed, and stay tuned.

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