Lottery vs. Reality

There’s a somewhat cliché hypothetical scenario in which you’re asked what you would do with your time if you won the lottery. The idea is, quite simply, to identity what you are truly passionate about, and then to encourage you to find a way to align your career with those dreams and passions.

If only it were that easy.

The first off-the-cuff answer that comes to mind for me is simple: if I won the lottery, I would dearly love to be involved with entertainment, either stage (plays, musicals, etc.) or screen (television and movies.) I’m fascinated by these things, and I would love to be able to contribute towards breathing life into theatre and film.

Of course, I have no discernible performing talent, so I would have to find other ways to be involved. In a perfect fantasy world, it would be great to have the funds to act as a producer, helping to create and share an artistic vision for entertainment. Sometimes having the big checkbook is career enhancing, y’know?

But even without those funds, there’s still an opportunity to make a substantial impact… Theatre companies and television/film production companies have lots of jobs where people help organize, coordinate, and produce entertainment. Recently I was talking to a friend who actually does work full-time for a theatre company in an offstage capacity, and he shared an interesting perspective.

General managers have a variety of responsibilities in a theatre, from managing the staff, to handling human resources issues in some cases, to budgeting and expense management… In short, they keep up with all of the behind-the-scenes work that keeps the team going.

Seriously, how awesome would that job be for me?! An MBA with a passion for the theatre, a focus in Human Resources, and several years of experience building and coordinating LGBT programs and events for 4,000 of my teammates?

Alas, with no formal experience working in the theatre business (somehow I doubt my two years of involvement with The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the ages of 17-18 count) it would be a difficult job to move into… And even if I did find a good job in the field, there would likely be a pretty substantial pay cut compared to my current income, which just isn’t an option at the moment.

Still, a man can dream, right? I guess I’d better start buying lottery tickets.

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