Home Office

I know that people on Facebook are already sick of the whole “what so-and-so thinks I do” meme. But this one caught my eye: “When I say ‘home office’ …”

Sad, cliché, but true.

That “What My Girlfriend Expects” stuff is true, yo. Sometimes my boyfriend is mad when he comes home from work and there are dishes in the sink. When I ask him why he didn’t do the dishes that day, and he replies that he was at work, I tell him “Exactly! So was I!” and the conversation ends in stomping feet and arms crossed over chests.

But I digress.

[Full disclosure: that last bit may have been slightly exaggerated.]

I’ve posted about the joys (and perils) of working from home before, back when I didn’t even have a full-time home office. Now that I work from home every day, I find it’s even more likely that I’ll be at the desk from first thing in the morning (after taking the dogs out) until it’s time to go to bed (after taking the dogs out.)

But still, the flexibility is nice. On long days, I will sometimes work from the couch, or even from bed if it’s late at night. I do have a pretty sweet home office set-up though, so I will usually stay quite comfortable working from there.

Entirely Too Comfortable

Of course, the problem with this whole set-up is that you can get very accustomed to it. I imagine I would have a bit of an adjustment period adapting back to a show-up-in-the-office-every-day kind of job, since I’m so used to working in jeans and a hoodie, with a day or two of scruff on my face and the freedom to go to the kitchen or bathroom anytime I damned well please.

Having said that, I do miss wearing my suits. Maybe I’ll start wearing them to the grocery store.

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