Living in one of the “other boroughs” of New York City (meaning, not Manhattan) has some clear advantages: lower rent, larger living spaces, cheaper food, etc. One downside is that taxis sometimes refuse to take you home from Manhattan, which is actually illegal.

Fortunately there’s a nifty little tool for reporting taxis, which I’m delighted to share with my fellow New Yorkers.

The Report-a-Taxi app lets you quickly and easily do what the Metro Transit Authority’s website already allows — report taxi drivers who don’t follow the rules — but it’s much faster. Here, check out this video:

It really is remarkably quick and simple — you enter in a few details, take a photo if you have time to do so, and agree to participate in a hearing (or the complaint will be thrown out due to lack of testimony.)

After the complaint is submitted, you get mailed a confirmation that the Taxi & Limousine Tribunal has received it, and then they will decide whether or not to proceed with a hearing.

You can attend the hearing in person or by telephone. I suggest that you choose the phone option — there’s no telling how delayed the court docket may be, and you don’t want to be sitting at the courthouse waiting all day. The judge will call you for your testimony, and if the driver is found in violation, he or she gets fined.

New Yorkers, download this app and report drivers who refuse valid fares. Even if they settle for a small fine in lieu of a court hearing, they’ll have learned that they can’t get away with breaking the law at the expense of those of us in other boroughs.


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