Charlotte blues

So I’m back in Charlotte. Again. And I just booked a flight yesterday afternoon to come back again next


There are times when I think about how much easier some aspects of my life would be if I hadn’t moved.

No, this isn’t another April Fool’s Day joke. And no, I’m not saying that I regret moving to New York, or that I want to move back to Charlotte. I’m just acknowledging that things would, in many respects, be easier if I lived here.

I’m on a short term (4-6 week) project at work that has me here frequently where there’s work to put in front of senior executives in my department. I came here a month ago to develop the proposal, and worked with some teammates in NYC last week, then came down here with them this week to put the work-in-progress in front of execs… But it turns out that we won’t be ready in time, so we pushed it to next week and booked our return flights.

And of course, I can’t find a hotel room anywhere remotely close to Center City next week, so I’m relying on the kindness of friends for two nights until I can finally get a hotel room for the final night. It will be nice to see friends and all, but I do feel like a bit of a schmuck having to ask to borrow friends’ spare bedrooms while here on a work trip.

So yes, all things considered, it would be easier for my job if I was here. (Did I mention that I saw our CEO, Brian Moynihan, at dinner tonight? I wished him good luck on our quarterly earnings announcement this week.) I would have a lot more exposure to folks in my department, a lot more time with senior leaders, and so on.

And of course, I would be able to see my much larger group of Charlotte friends more easily… Although, it’s not like I’ve skipped out on seeing peeps over the last seven months. I swear I see some Charlotte people more often now that I’ve moved away than I ever did when I lived here.

But still, it would be great to have so many people so close and conveniently located. Spending time with people is so much more complicated in NYC, what with subway train routes and such.

But really, I can’t imagine leaving NYC. Despite having only lived there half a year, it just feels like HOME. Charlotte definitely now feels like a place to visit — a familiar place, full of friends and teammates and loved ones — but a place to visit, nonetheless.

It really is a very conflicted mental state of affairs that I find myself in, torn between two places that I have at one point called home. And I haven’t even spent any real quality time in Florida for many, many months, so don’t get me started on that.

For now, I’ll just enjoy living in NYC, enjoy making new friends and savoring NYC friends that I already have from way back. I’ll enjoy the theatre, the subway, the environment. And I’ll curse the cost of living but refuse to consider any alternatives.

I mean, that’s what being a New
Yorker is, right?

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