Concierge perks

Many jobs come with certain perks — bankers get free checking and low interest rates, baristas get free coffee, people in theatre get free shows… And it turns out concierges get all kinds of good stuff.

I’m really enjoying dating a concierge.

As a hotel concierge, your job is to help tourists find restaurants, sightseeing, and entertainment. And obviously, it’s in companies’ best interest to have concierges well informed about (and positively inclined towards) their offerings to tourists.

Which means many will arrange for free tickets to Broadway shows, free meals at restaurants, etc.

Seeing One Man, Two Guvnors on Broadway for free was a lovely treat — particularly because I knew virtually nothing about it, but I ended up laughing my ass off. It was silly slapstick comedy, and once I let go and allowed myself to enjoy mindless antics, I had a blast.

The fact that it was free didn’t exactly make me enjoy it more, but it sure didn’t hurt. In retrospect, I can say that it would’ve been well worth buying the tickets… And thus I can in good conscience encourage you to buy tickets.

See how well that works? Good job, theatre producers.

Then there’s the food… I’ve now enjoyed two meals at restaurants, completely complimentary. Jack’s had great food, and a pleasant server, but Sunday night’s evening at Bond 45 was incredible.

First, we were greeted by the manager right away. He introduced himself, shook our hands one by one, and learned each of our names before leaving us in the hostess’s care. And three or four times during what turned out to be a long evening, he stopped by our table to chat and see how we were enjoying our meal. That personalized attention would’ve made the evening all by itself.

It didn’t need to, though — the meal itself was phenomenal. Our server had terrific suggestions for the best items on the menu, and cleverly warned us that the four of us would easily have enough food if we started with a burrata and prosciutto appetizer, and had three entrees. (Lasagna, steak, and veal, all of which were large portions.) These were all delicious, though the steak was by far my favorite. Check it out:


Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly eat another bite, the server brought us a sampler platter of desserts. Look at this delicious evil:

Dessert (before)

Now, we were very full, and wouldn’t have thought there was room for anything else… But how could we resist? As you can see, we made quick work of the dessert:

Dessert - after

They were also generous with beverages, and we found ourselves leaving after almost three hours of VIP treatment. After that experience, you may safely assume that the two concierges in our party will speak in glowing terms with hotel guests about the wonderful evening we had at Bond 45.

Being a concierge definitely has its privileges, and like I said, I’m enjoying dating one… Now hopefully, they’ll have a good hook-up with a tailor who can let the waist out of my suit pants.

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  1. RBG says:

    I can help with the pants 🙂

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