Whitewater adventure, from NYC?!

Surprisingly, this whitewater rafting post is NOT about my beloved U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte. Today I’m freaking out about doing some rafting from up in New York City.

Okay, so technically it’s not rafting IN New York, but we’re being picked up in Manhattan for a rafting day trip. And you can join us.

I received an email about a deal where we get picked up in Manhattan, taken by bus to the Leigh River Gorge, go rafting for two and a half hours, stop for lunch, raft for two more hours, and return to Manhattan. All for $75 per person… but there’s a very short time in which to book.

We’re going Sunday, June 24th and potentially again on Sunday, August 12th. Want to join?

Here’s the scoop:

Between taxis, trains, and buses, NYC has just about every kind of transportation you could want—but nothing compares to reaching work via river raft. We may be a ways away from this commuter choice, but we can still rock the boat with this Adventure: a day of whitewater rafting on the Lehigh River Gorge on one of the river’s prime dam-release days, including round-trip transportation and lunch.

Our day begins bright and early, at the corner of West 45th Street and 11th Avenue, where we’ll meet our paddle-happy team and board a bus for the ride out to Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. When we arrive at the Whitewater Challengers Rafting Center, we’ll board yellow school buses for the quick trip out to the river. There, we’ll receive our equipment and a brief safety tutorial before hopping into the rafts: Each one fits six rowers (so feel free to sign up with five of your best buds!). We’ll then embark down the river, taking on Class II and Class III rapids for a 2.5-hour ride before breaking for lunch.

We’ll pull off to the side of the river and feast on one of three sandwiches (turkey and cheese, ham and cheese, or peanut butter and jelly with carrots and celery); plus chips, dessert, and a bottle of water. Re-fueled and ready to go, we’ll get back in the water for approximately two more hours of unforgettable rafting. Be sure to bring a water gun—our Adventures staff make for great targets.

When we’re exhausted, we’ll take the yellow school bus back to the rafting center, change quickly into dry clothes, check out our pictures from the trip at the rafting center gift shop, and then get back on the bus for the trip to NYC. Note: Finishing this Adventure may cause spontaneous swims in the Hudson.

Hit me up SOON if you’re interested in joining!

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