“Occupy Wall Street” Protests

Last week I had the unusual (for me) experience of working from Manhattan for several days… and as luck would have it, I was present for the series of “Occupy Wall Street” themed protests that surged through midtown.

It was a bizarre three minutes, let me tell you.

Seriously, sitting in a conference room I heard a drum beating and a bunch of chanting, and looked out the window to see this:

There they are… surging around the entrance to a couple of bank branches, making a big ruckus. They even carried an upside-down American flag, which I’m sure is supposed to symbolize something, but frankly just irritated me more:

But then, bizarrely, they started moving down the street. They literally only stayed in one place for about two minutes, with the riot police calmly standing by to watch them. Here they are, heading down to another bank branch before leaving entirely:

Yes folks, it took over a year, but I finally got to see an “Occupy Wall Street” protest… even if it was the speed dating equivalent.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m in Charlotte for work, and it turns out this is the week that my employer is having a shareholder’s meeting, so there are a thousand protesters expected to surge into downtown Charlotte a block from where I’ll be sitting? I sure can time this stuff well, don’t you think?

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