Preach the hell outta all of ’em

Charles Worley is the pastor at Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, NC. On the heels of the Amendment One vote in North Carolina, he gave a sermon with a segment focused on gays and lesbians, and his views about them.

Watch this:

First of all, let’s take a look at his solution for getting rid of all of the “lesbians and queers” that he couldn’t get past Congress… Putting people behind an electrified fence is just a crazy hateful idea, but the idea that they’ll die out in a few years because they can’t reproduce? That’s stupid — gays and lesbians are born from practicing heterosexuals, jackass. You straight people keep breeding more gays and lesbians for us to fall in love with, and we thank you for it.

I’d also like to point out that he’s directly advocating against a specific political candidate and that candidate’s positions on specific issues… “I ain’t gonna vote for a baby-killer and a homosexual lover” he says… Sounds like his church’s tax exempt status is due to revocation, don’t you think?

But what really had me cracking up, in a sad tearful sort of way, was his caution towards the end: “I don’t even know whether you ought to say this in the pulpit or not…” I was intrigued, couldn’t wait to hear what the pastor was going to say that was worse than “queers” and “baby killers” and wishing aloud that he could lock American citizens up in a modern-day concentration camp.

“Could you imagine kissing some man?” It makes him puking sick, apparently. But murder, that’s fine. Because you know, that’s what Jesus said: kissing someone with love is worth getting puking sick over, but mass murder is right by Him.

It never stops amazing me how twisted the teachings of Jesus have become in the hands of some so-called “men of faith”.

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