Continuing Education

As an adult, I’ve found a love for education that I didn’t have as a kid. (No longer being shy, awkward, and closeted helps.) Now, after three college degrees and a bunch of professional development, I’m on the verge of some new educational undertakings.

Not sure quite how much we’re talking about, but it’s potentially a major life changing process.

At a minimum, I’m looking at some continuing education to maintain the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification that I earned back in January of 2010. There’s a requirement that you earn 60 hours (over three years) of professional development, through classes, seminars, on-the-job experiences, or other experiential learning opportunities.

Knowing how stressful the PHR exam was for me, you may safely assume I’d like to recertify rather than do the entire process over. Which means I’ve got through January to knock out 60 hours.

The good news is, a lot of it is already done. The workshops that I’ve attended at the Out & Equal Workplace Summits in Los Angeles in 2010 and in Dallas in 2011 include several hours of CE credits each. (This year’s conference in Baltimore will help, also.) I also attended a one-day diversity conference two years ago which will add to my total, and I’ve done some internal “eLearning” classes at work that are relevant.

But what’s really exciting is something that I just booked today… The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) offers a two-day seminar called the SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Leadership Program. I’ll be headed to Alexandria, Virginia for a couple of days in August to participate, and I’ll come out of it 15 CEs ahead and hopefully with some fantastic industry best practices to help my company’s Diversity & Inclusion efforts.

There’s another seminar in September that I’ve requested, but I’m not sure whether I can get funding for it… It’s the SHRM HR Generalist program, billed as SHRM’s most popular one, which should continue my education in Human Resources. (Sure, my MBA concentration was in HR, but that was more than seven years ago!) Fingers crossed, I’m really hoping that this will be good for my ongoing learning and development in the field I’ve chosen.

Longer term, there may be something much bigger on the horizon. I still have a bunch of exploration to do before I can say for sure that it’s even an option, but the possibility sure does sound intriguing…

Tell me, doesn’t “Professor” (or just “Dr.”) have a nice ring to it?

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  1. If Steven Kessel can get serious enough about education to become a lawyer, surely you can become a “Doctor”.

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