Sweet Spot

I’ve posted before about feeling like I’m in a slump at work, not working on the kind of things that I really enjoy and excel at. I’m pleasantly surprised to report that things have really turned around for the better.

It seems I’ve finally landed back in my “sweet spot” where I do my best work.

Frequently I describe my ideal work as “touchy-feely, warm hug, don’t-you-love-your-job, let’s-help-you-do-it-better, let’s-find-you-that-promotion-you’ve-been-working-towards kind of stuff” or, when I’m in a hurry, “HR stuff”. It’s what I was hired into my current job just over a year ago to do, but circumstances conspired to prevent me from being assigned to that kinda work all last year.

The first half of this year went much better. I’ve been working on skill/capability assessments (helping managers figure out where to focus their training time and money), employee satisfaction work, and more recently new-hire onboarding stuff. It’s exactly the sort of work that I enjoy, and I feel a mixture of confidence in my skill and excitement at continuing to learn and grow.

For years I’ve dealt with my “day job” because I like the company, my teammates, and the opportunity to make a real difference doing my volunteer diversity work. (And of course, because the “day job” pays the bills.) Lately, I’ve had a remarkable balance between my “day job” and my “gay job” where I’m genuinely enjoying both.

I don’t necessarily have an insightful point to make. I’m just… happy. So often I’m compelled to write when I’m frustrated or dissatisfied, so for a change I thought I’d drop my readers a line when things were just fine.

Didn’t see that one coming, did ya?

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