Lunch Wars

Taking a break from my usual rants and raves, I just had to show you the most amazing gift that Sal gave me last night. Take a look at the pictures below.


Yes, that’s right. Star Wars lunchbox and vehicle-shaped sandwich cutters.


SANDWICH! CUTTERS! (I’d never heard of such a thing.)


Millennium Falcon!


TIE Fighter!

Okay, fellow nerds… I need your best Star Wars sandwich puns. My friend Anthony already came up with “Millennium Flatbread” and “RYE Fighter” but I want to see who can beat those. Leave a reply below!

One Response to Lunch Wars

  1. Bj Andersen says:

    You’ve never heard of the millenium flatbread? She’s the ship that made the condiment run in less than 12 aisles…TIE Fiber Advanced X1 (cuz that outline is most likely Darth Vader’s unique TIE Advanced X1 or a TIE Interceptor)…for after the sandwich gets soggy: “Hear me baby? Hold together”…there’s gotta be more…

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