Landlord woes

My panic level is rising — my tenant in Charlotte is moving in two weeks, and at present I don’t have a replacement tenant lined up.

Being a landlord from 500+ miles away is a bitch.

The good news is, my virtual search for a tenant (basically, Craistlist) is finding several leads. I’ve had quite a few inquiries by email, though a couple of them have ended up signing a lease elsewhere. I had a long conversation by phone tonight with one possible tenant who seems very excited, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that it may work out well with her.

In the end I really don’t need to be TOO concerned, I suppose. I did put some money aside to cover lost rent for a bit, so if I have to dip into that while continuing to look for a tenant, it’ll be okay. But still, it sure would be nice to have it all taken care of.

Fortunately my current tenant, though disappointing me with her decision to move out at the end of her lease this month, has been such a remarkable help. She’s patiently scheduled a number of walk-throughs for me, since I’m in New York and can’t hop a plane for every prospect.

By having her show the place I don’t have to pay a realtor to do this stuff for me, and she doesn’t have to worry about people coming in and out of her current home without her being involved. Still, I’m sure it’s a big inconvenience, and I’m really grateful that she’s being so accommodating (especially since she’s got her own upcoming move to worry about!)

In the end I suspect I will be coming into Charlotte twice over the next few weeks… Probably the last week of the month (Monday September 24th – Thursday September 27th) for work and possibly to show the apartment to some prospects in the evening, and then again the following week (dates TBD) to say goodbye to the old tenant and either welcome the new one or continue showing the place to prospects.

I’m sure a month from now this will all be taken care of and I won’t have to worry about a thing, but the final two weeks sure do bring a lot of uncertainty and stress. At least once it’s over with I presumably have at least a year before I need to worry about it again.

It’s times like these that I need to remind myself how great of an experience living in NYC has been, and that it’s all worth it.

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