Holiday Inn Center City Charlotte

Normally I’m not one to pimp out a company on — if anything, I’m more likely to complain about poor service. But I have to stop and say how AWESOME the Holiday Inn Center City is in Charlotte.

Seriously, this place is my home away from home, and the staff here is amazing. Tonight they wowed me for the hundredth time.

I stay here almost every time I visit Charlotte for work, which is on average about one week a month. I’m not a every-single-week regular like some traveling consultants may be, but still, that’s a lot. And I almost always check in on Monday evenings after finishing the day of work, so I typically see J.J. and Elizabeth when I arrive. They always remember me and are always cheerful when they see me, which is nice.

Their friendliness has gone above-and-beyond more than once. In December, on my last visit of the year, I told them that they’d need to be strong because I would be gone for five whole weeks (which is a record absence as of late!) They checked me in to my room, and I was delighted to find that they had upgraded me to a suite as a surprise. As it happened, it was a trip with lots of early morning work meetings, so I didn’t really get to enjoy the “suite” aspect with friends or anything. But still, it was a lovely gesture to a regular guest.

Tonight, though, they really amazed me. I had told them last night when I checked in that I would be coming back in two weeks, so tonight I shared that I was actually going to be in town both next week and the week after. (Yes, that’s three weeks in a row, just like in December.) Unfortunately there’s apparently something going on in Center City Charlotte next week, because all of the hotels within walking distance of work were booked solid. Including the Holiday Inn Center City.

That didn’t stop my amazing front desk associates from putting me in for a room the two nights I will be in town next week, at the normal discount rate that my company enjoys. Even when my corporate travel agency couldn’t place me, the hotel staff quickly put me in for a room and ensured that I wouldn’t be staying anywhere else.

These people really make me feel at home here. This is why, despite the fact that my company has a phenomenal discount at the Ritz in Charlotte, I never even try to get a room there if the Holiday Inn Center City is available. It has free Wi-Fi in the room, free breakfast in the mornings, a free wine/beer reception from 5:00-7:00 each evening, and most importantly, it has this staff that makes me feel like a VIP.

If you’re ever looking for a hotel in Center City (aka downtown, aka “Uptown”) Charlotte, absolutely try for a room at the Holiday Inn Center City. They’ll take great care of you, and you’ll have a wonderful experience.

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