Venue Revealed!

It’s official — Sal and I have signed the contract and paid the deposit for our wedding venue.

I’ve been holding off on publishing much about it until we knew for sure that we were locked in, but we got the green light today. The venue is ours, and I’m so excited to tell you about it.

First of all, let’s think for a moment about the kind of event that Sal and I are looking for. We’re very sociable people (obviously) and any event we have should be a party first and foremost, with a brief ceremony as part of the festivities. So it was important that we find a fun venue, that would hold a bunch of people, and not feel too stuffy or formal.

I give you: the Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn.

Feel free to check out the website, but here are the highlights: it’s a performance space used for a variety of different events, their wedding packages include an open bar and bartenders/servers, and they provide light and sound techs to run the show.

The space can be set up in formal dining seating, or in cabaret seating to encourage mingling and conversation. Can you guess which we immediately chose?

Basically our wedding is going to be like a cabaret act at an old fashioned speakeasy. Would you expect anything else? (And yes, that means that you’re welcome to dress the part for a speakeasy, if you like, but you certainly aren’t required to.)

We’ll be asking a small number of talented friends to be the entertainment, with song and dance aplenty, performed by people who are a part of the life that we’ve shared together. (Friends, talk to Sal about auditions.) Think of it like a cabaret with a bunch of individual scenes, and one of them happens to be a wedding ceremony.

At this point we’re not planning on providing a meal — we’ve spent our budget and then some, just on the venue and the open bar premium upgrade. (I put my foot down: there has to be Jack Daniel’s, or I’m not saying “I do” damn it.) We’ll likely try to bring in some kind of appetizers at least, so people aren’t exploiting an open bar on an empty stomach, but we will definitely be encouraging guests to have dinner before attending.

So there you have it… Song, dance, and ceremony, with an open bar and a gorgeous, fun venue.

I’m almost kicking myself for scheduling it for next year. Is it too early to start counting the days?

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