Permissive Nerdiness

These last couple of weeks of schoolwork have done something to me that I wouldn’t have thought possible: they have made me even more of a nerd than before.

The best part is: it’s because I have finally given myself permission to totally nerd out on HR and Diversity stuff.

Sure, I’ve always been interested in, and even passionate about, this field. I’ve studied HR in school since my master’s and most of my jobs since then have been somewhat related to the field… And my volunteer Diversity work has been some of the most personally fulfilling work of my career. But I’ve gone off the deep end now.

I think it’s because as a Ph.D. student in the HR field, with an intention of focusing on Diversity-related research, I feel like I have a justifiable reason to dive head first into every bit of material I come across on the subject. Time that I might’ve spent watching television or playing video games is now spent reading and writing about Human Capital. (Sorry, gamer friends!)

Honestly, if I’m going to be a Ph.D. in this field, I feel like it’s okay to be a bit obsessed with it. I ought to be doing everything I can to become a true subject matter expert, since I’m positioning myself to eventually be an established practitioner, a published author, and possibly even a teacher, on the subject.

So while I may be required to do a certain amount of reading or writing for school, I find myself sometimes doing more than required. Not because I’m trying to get extra credit, or kiss up to the professor, or make up in quantity what I’m lacking in quality… No, just because I’m interested.

And I’m just fine with that.

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