Unemployed Self-Improvement

One of the bizarre pitfalls of being on a full-time job search is that you end up with a surprising amount of time on your hands. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I’m a big fan of making to-do lists in times like these… And I’ve decided to make a new list for all the self-improvement things that I never made time for when I was working full-time, and certainly not when I was both working full-time and in school full-time.

Here goes.

  • Clean my freaking home office.  I’ve spent 60 hours a week in there every week for the last 90 or so… you’d think I would be more concerned about keeping it tidy, well organized, and presentable. Alas, I basically only do a full-on cleaning when it’s become so cluttered that I can’t find things, or when we have company coming for an overnight visit or a party… And even then, it quickly deteriorates. I need to get it together and freaking keep it that way.
  • CLOSETS are in need of an overhaul. Particularly with the seasons changing, there’s a whole lot of winter clothing that won’t be needed for another five months or so. And I’m certain there are quite a few things in there that haven’t been worse since the previous winter, and thus are ripe for donating to my tax refund — I mean, to charity.
  • It’s time I learn Spanish for the fourth time.  I learned a good bit of it in high school, then promptly forgot it all.  Learned a decent amount living in New Mexico for three years, then forgot most of it.  Learned a fair portion in college Spanish, and then… well, you get the idea.  Perhaps this is finally the excuse — I mean, opportunity — that I need to put that full Rosetta Stone package to good use?  We bought the entire Spanish series a couple of years ago, and then promptly let it sit there unused.  Shameful.
  • And finally, the biggest long-shot (and most needed item) on my list:  Maybe with some time on my hands I will finally run out of excuses for avoiding exercise?  I’m not going to commit to a gym membership or anything — at least, not until I’ve been able to prove to myself that I will make the time and stick to a routine. But damn, that wedding is coming up fast (even with it more than a year away) and I sure don’t want to be bitching for the next thirty years about how fat I looked in my wedding photos. Something as simple as pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups would be a good start. Taking the dogs for jogs around the neighborhood would be even better.  Just don’t tell Sal that I am even contemplating any of this, or he will (appropriately, bless his heart) hound me about it. Because I’ve asked him to.  But don’t tell him I said so.

Of course, this is all over and above the more pressing job-hunt activities that are obviously my top priority right now. And the other items on yesterday’s list are somewhat more time sensitive than these items here — if I get laid off, my insurance goes with it, so I’ve got to take care of that pretty quickly.  (Side-note:  today was another full day that I managed to not do that, damn it!)

Still, these are good goals, I think.  Worthwhile uses of some spare time, assuming I don’t lock in my next job for a bit.  Wish me luck, on the job search and/or on these items!

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