No news is… good news?

Halfway through Week 3 of my “What am I going to do when I grow up?” transition. Chugging along with school, finally wrapping up my responsibilities in my soon-to-be former job, and exploring several new career opportunities.

No big changes… Which I guess in my situation is a good thing?

In positive news, a colleague referred me to a Leadership Development executive at the bank who needs to fill a role on her team. It’s only for a 9-month duration while a team member is on a special assignment, which isn’t ideal, but given that the work is right up my alley, it might be worth the risk if I can be assured of the same severance period then that I have coming a few weeks from now. Plus that’ll ensure that I am employed through the end of the year, getting valuable experience and making it through to annual bonus season.

I’m also exploring some options externally as well. There’s a great position at a NYC firm doing talent management, with connections into their Diversity and Staffing teams — all work that I really enjoy and would do well. And there’s an HR generalist role at another national company, at a facility right here in Queens. Both good options, and I’m moving along in the interview cycle at both.

I had pictured this whole paid-job-search window and severance as an opportunity to have a nice break while looking for the right career fit. I figured I’d have some time while looking for the best fit, and I’m surprised by how quickly I’m finding good opportunities. It seems my cynical prediction before moving to NYC was correct: if I’m ever going to be laid off, it’s better to be laid off here where there are lots more options than in Charlotte.

I’d also assumed that I’d use this time to get ahead in my schoolwork, and that’s patently not happened. In fact, if anything I’m struggling to stay current! Something about quietly announcing to my business partners that I was handing off my responsibilities to a new teammate is bringing people out of the woodwork with things that they need me to get done before I leave. So that “job search window” has turned into me having more work to do than before I was told my position was being eliminated!

Still, I suppose these are all good issues to have. Obviously if any major developments occur I’ll come straight to GatorUptown to share the good news.

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