Police vs. Driver

I saw this video on Facebook, and I was intrigued by the public response. A 21 year-old driver found himself at a DUI checkpoint and was obstinate towards police, with predictable results, while secretly filming the encounter.

Check it out:

Now, clearly the police officers were giving this driver and his vehicle extra scrutiny because the kid was being a pain.  And yes, the extra steps they took to intimidate and harass him were totally unnecessary, as evidenced by the fact that the officers are saying to each other on video that the K-9 unit’s reaction wasn’t “a very good alert” and even that the driver was “perfectly innocent” and “knows his rights and knows what the Constitution says”.  (Although, I do wonder if anything was edited out before that sentence, such as “He keeps saying that…”, in order to make the video look more damning towards the officers.)  Regardless, the officers spent a lot more time on him than necessary, and any notion that they may have thought he was hiding something is ridiculous.

Having said all of that… obviously the driver knew what he was doing.  He antagonized the officers over the simplest of requests and kept asking questions specifically worded to demonstrate that he was a law-abiding pain in the ass.  And he had a video camera set up in advance, ready to record the perfectly predictable reaction from the officers to his behavior.

I’m not saying that harassment and intimidation by police is okay, because it’s not.  I’m not saying that the officers should have behaved the way that they did, because they shouldn’t have.  But let’s be real: the driver set out to get exactly this sort of reaction, and now is indignant that they behaved in precisely the way he was trying to get them to.

I’m not condoning the officers’ behavior, but I certainly don’t have any sympathy for this kid that poked the bear with a stick and now is aghast at the bear’s response.

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