30 Days

I’ve been in my new job at the bank for thirty days now, and I’m delighted to report that I’m largely happy with what I’m doing and the team I’m working with.

It took five years of trying, but I’m finally working in HR officially, and I love it.

At my company we split up our HR functions into several different areas: staffing, learning, leadership development, employee relations, diversity & inclusion, and of course, generalists whose job is to align to a specific business unit and tie together all of those other functions. I’m on the leadership development team, and am very happy with the work.

I’m responsible for leading talent planning processes, such as helping executives figure out who their highest-potential team members are and building out development processes that will help them continue to advance along their career path. This includes succession planning as well, identifying the likely candidates for roles before they’re needed so we have a good pipeline of people to consider. And there are other related functions, like performance management and employee engagement.

I have two “clients” in the company — different business units that I am specifically responsible for. One is the call center organization through which I originally joined the company eight years ago! I’m delighted to note that some of the people I worked with back then are still in the group today, and we’ll have the opportunity to work together from time to time. The other client is in the auto-loan space, so I get to learn a new side of the business as well.

All in all, it’s a great alignment with my experience, my interests, and of course my Ph.D. program in Human Capital Management. It could only be more perfectly aligned if I was working on diversity initiatives also.

Month One has gone pretty smoothly, mostly just getting to know the leadership teams and the business models, and beginning some of the mid-year talent planning routines. I’ve got some training coming up in the new few weeks as well, getting me better in sync with the formal processes that our HR/LD teams utilize for this stuff. It’ll be a great chance to dig right in.

And of course, the last note is that I’m actually going into Manhattan several days a week now, to a cubicle at Rockefeller Plaza. I could do without the crowds, and certainly am not happy about the godawful heat, but it’s nice to meet new colleagues, make new friends, and occasionally spend some time with old ones. I even get the occasional lunch away from my desk, so you midtowners should hit me up for a lunch date.

Now let’s see how Month Two goes.

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