NYC Year Three

Amazing that we’re now in Year Three of living in NYC together. That’s right, we’ve renewed our lease in Jackson Heights again. And I suspect we have at least one more year here after that.

This is a great apartment in a wonderful neighborhood. But there’s a fairly decent chance that it may not last more than another two or three years.

As far as NYC apartments go, I can’t imagine where we would move to. This apartment is bigger than most of our friends’, has two bedrooms (two!) so I get a home office, and allows two 60+ pound dogs. It’s located within easy walking distance of a subway station with five different lines (three of them express!) and both Sal and I can go from our station to work in 15 minutes underground. And it’s less expensive than what almost all of our friends pay for theirs.

The only thing that would really entice us to a different NYC apartment would be if there was a cute lil’ townhouse with a yard. Having a fenced in place for the dogs to play outside would be amazing! And yes, I do miss being able to just relax and enjoy a late-night party without feeling guilty about the thin floors and the young children trying to sleep directly under us. (Though how anyone can sleep with the father’s snoring — which I can sometimes hear upstairs in my apartment on a quiet night, leaving me wondering what they hear from our apartment — is beyond me.) I still get a little nostalgic when I hear a song that we used to play in Rock Band back in Charlotte.

It’s just difficult to find a place that matches the convenience of our trains, the space, and the flexibility for the two dogs… while still being affordable. And besides, our neighborhood is pretty awesome: people are friendly, there are two large grocery stores and tons of restaurants, and it feels safe to walk the streets at night.

More likely, to be honest, would be a move out of NYC altogether. I described what I called the nuclear option when we renewed last year: if I couldn’t cut it in New York, packing up to move back to my childhood home in Florida. At the time I was mentioning that option if financial constraints required it, but with our wedding looming, there’s actually a different possible reason: before too long, we’re going to want to start a family. And while there are many amazing things about starting a family here in the Big Apple, there are also several conflicting good reasons to start a family in Cocoa Beach.

I’m sure I’ll post more about this a year or two down the line (assuming I’m still blogging then) but for now, suffice it to say that it’s something we talk about. When I get closer to the end of my Ph.D. program we will likely be making some serious decisions around how, when, and where we want to start a family. Stay tuned.

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