A&E versus Duck Dynasty

Ever since Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson was quoted in an interview saying anti-LGBT things, and was subsequently “indefinitely suspended” from the show, religious conservatives have been up in arms blasting the network for censoring religious free speech.

Not surprisingly, I disagree, and I’ll tell you why.

A blog article I read today called “Dear A&E, congratulations, you just committed suicide” sums up the argument nicely. In short, A&E is censoring Phil Robertson, who is just sharing wholesome family values, and the network is going to alienate its viewers as a result.

I disagree. Thinking that it’s wrong to arbitrarily pick-and-choose pieces of an ancient book that SOME — not all or even most — of humanity believes is the word of God, and then using your cherry-picked passages to justify hatred and prejudice, is not censoring free speech.

He’s perfectly entitled to express his opinion freely and openly. And A&E is perfectly entitled to decide what speech they want associated with their brand.

If he had quoted portions of the Bible encouraging slavery, or describing the many things that people do daily which are supposed to result in being KILLED, would people still be defending him? Probably not. But for some reason, lots of so-called Christians decide that the passage or two about homosexuality should be followed thousands of years (and many translations) later, but slavery, death sentences for disrespecting your parents, other “abominations” like eating shellfish or wearing polyester-cotton blends, etc. can all be conveniently ignored.

Kudos to A&E for observing the double standard and not allowing it’s brand to be associated with prejudice and bigotry. And all these so-called Christians who are up in arms about it should pause and think about the message of love and acceptance that Jesus actually preached.

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