Job hunting, again

My, how quickly time flies… When I started this job in July of last year, I knew it was a short-term role and I’d be back on the prowl again in less than a year, but I never grasped how quickly that time would come.

Well, it has, and I’m facing unemployment at the end of next month.

I’ve essentially been the “substitute teacher” on my team. From July through now, I’ve been covering the internal client groups that were previously managed by a teammate who was temporarily assigned to a special project in another part of the bank. We learned that she was planning to come back toward the beginning of 2014, but another teammate was going on maternity leave for December, January, and part of February, so I basically swapped over to cover her clients while she was out.

Well, by the end of this month they will both be back and will have reclaimed their clients, so I will officially be unaligned. My manager has said that she expects she’ll be able to hang on to me for one more month (March) while I finish up some special projects I’ve been working on, but as of April, I will probably not have a place on this team anymore.

The good news? I will have had nine months of fantastic experience on the Leadership Development team within the Global Human Resources division, I’ll have made great new contacts, and I’ll have made it through another round of tuition reimbursement, and I’ll have made it through annual bonus season.

It’s also worth noting that both my boss and her boss have each personally shared their commitment to keeping me at the company, if not on their team. It stinks to be facing unemployment, but it’s great when your executive team has made it clear that they value you and want to do anything they can do keep you with the company.

And finally, it’s worth noting that whatever its faults may be, my company has a good severance package (by U.S. standards) for loyal long-time employees, and with almost nine years here, I can expect to continue receiving a paycheck for some while still. It won’t last through the end of the calendar year, but it’ll at least give me plenty of time to find another job. (Preferably before the wedding.)

The bad news? I may be officially unemployed in about six weeks, if interviews, networking, and sponsorship don’t work out in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

One Response to Job hunting, again

  1. Richard Niles says:

    You can always come to 75th Street where papa will ply you with food and plenty of drink so you won’t go hungry while you are job searching!

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