Engagement rings, revisited

Shortly after I proposed a bit over a year ago, I posted a brief rant on the subject of engagement rings. I didn’t buy one, and I explained my reasons why. (In short, they’re expensive, and while they may be traditional in heterosexual marriages, our marriage is not one of those.)

This video actually articulated some of that point very well, so I thought I’d share.

Now of course, if you choose to buy (or accept) an engagement ring as part of your engagement, and it makes both the buyer and the receiver happy, then more power to you. If the giver of an engagement ring feels pride for having made such a large purchase (investment?), awesome. If the wearer of an engagement ring feels great joy every time he/she looks down at that glistening jewel, terrific. (Moral arguments about “conflict diamonds” and whatnot not withstanding.)  It just wasn’t for me.

Now, a fancy expensive wedding at a beautiful venue that hopefully is one of the happiest memories of our lives, and of many of the participants’ lives? That may not be very tangible, outside of the photos and the inevitable credit card bills, but it seems like a better investment by my way of thinking.

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