Job hunt, continued

With theoretically about a month to go until my boss can no longer justify keeping me on payroll, my search for my next career opportunity continues.

With, predictably, several ups and downs.

I had a really nice interview with an executive that I work with as part of my current job, for a position running employee engagement and diversity & inclusion programs in that business unit. It sounded like a great combination of responsibilities, and I feel confident that I would’ve knocked it out of the park… Unfortunately, though he had great feedback for me about the interview, he ultimately went with a different candidate.

Disappointing to be sure, but I also was a bit deflated at the idea of leaving the HR team and going back into the business, after eight years of trying to get into HR. So, not the end of the world.

Another discussion went very well, with an HR executive that I’ve known for years and think the world of. That one is still possible — very possible, by the sounds of it. The executive (who would be my boss) and I had some very detailed conversations about what’s expected in the role, and how it would be different than what I might’ve assumed, and we’re both taking a day or two to think about it. More on that once I know whether or not that’s going to work out.

And separately, there’s an amazing opportunity outside my company (shocking to see me say that, I’m sure) running diversity education and new-hire onboarding processes here in NYC. Though the idea of leaving my company after nine years is a tough thing to consider, this would certainly be an amazing opportunity. I’m continuing to explore it for the time being, as at the moment I don’t have a concrete offer to stay at my current employer.

The good news is, there are multiple options to pursue, and hopefully one or more official employment offers to consider in the near future. I’m in good spirits, buoyed by the knowledge that I have many amazing colleagues who are advocating for me, and a generous severance package in the wings if nothing works out in the short term. I feel confident that it will work out.

Doesn’t mean I’m not a bit nervous, though.

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