My sperm has an expiration date?!

Okay, so I’ve been posting a bit lately about my resurgence of baby fever, so it’s probably no surprise to frequent readers that I’ve got babies on the brain. As if I needed more encouragement, though, I stumbled across this article about the risks associated with being an older father.

Posted earlier this week on CNNHealth, the article “Study: Children of older fathers face higher risk of psychiatric disorders” certainly caught my attention. It summarizes a study published in the scholarly journal JAMA Psychiatry, in which children of older fathers demonstrated significantly higher risk for certain psychiatric disorders.

Of course, my first thought was that older parents are crankier and more likely to drive their children into mental illness. The fact that I’m already older than my parents were when I was conceived is troublesome to me, so this immediately sent me into red alert. Must start a family now!

Totally don’t want this to be me.

Of course, the actual science behind the study tells us that it’s the age of a father at the time the sperm is produced that matters. Given that I’m not entirely sure how we’re going to start a family (through adoption, through surrogacy, through tequila and happy thoughts, etc.) this may or may not matter in our family planning.

Still, it reinforces the general theme in my head that if I’m going to be a father (throughout whatever method), the proverbial clock is ticking. It occurs to me that this time next year, I’ll be finishing my Ph.D. coursework and thus will have a major time schedule-inflexible time commitment off of my back.

Not saying that we’re going to start shopping around for a baby a year from now, but not saying that we’re NOT…

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