New job, confirmed!

Alright folks, after much hemming and hawing, I’m delighted to announce that reports of my pending unemployment were greatly exaggerated. (In retrospect.)  Yes, I start a new job in two weeks, and I’m so excited that I’m BURSTING. (Figuratively speaking.)

And though it may shock you to learn, I’ll confess: it’s a job focused on Diversity & Inclusion.

Yes, in two weeks I will officially begin my next role as a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Manager, staying at my employer of the past nine years. (If you were paying attention to recent posts, you might’ve noticed my cliffhanger at the end of Unnecessary Interviews, where I mentioned a job offer.)

In this role, I’ll be responsible for… well, let me just show you the official, public, semi-generic job description for the job:

Manages comprehensive diversity and inclusion solutions for the bank. Solves complex problems or needs related to core diversity and inclusion needs and opportunities. Leads major projects, programs or processes with significant business impact involving cross-functional teams and/or organizations. Influences strategic direction and develops / implements plans to achieve diversity and inclusion outcomes. Possesses strong and extensive technical or functional diversity and inclusion related knowledge. May also develop and/or sponsor tactics to achieve diversity and inclusion strategic objectives across multiple businesses / functional groups. May serve as a SME to advise, consult, improve and influence diversity and inclusion related outcomes.

Now, that’s what gets slapped onto the job posting automatically because of the job code, so it’s meant to be sort of “high level” and applicable to a variety of actual D&I roles in this job code… In this case, I’ll specifically be responsible for working on D&I events, maintaining a comprehensive calendar of D&I activities for a particular business unit at the bank, preparing business reviews for executives that highlight the D&I activities underway and the progress we’re making, tactically executing on D&I plans, and other tactical stuff related to implementing my boss’s D&I strategy in the business unit we support.

It’s more tactical than I might have expected, but that’s deliberate: it’s what the hiring manager needed, and she was über upfront with me about this role not being very strategic, at least in the first year. (This is the executive who I posted in Job hunt, continued that I’ve known for years and who wanted to discuss a job opportunity in detail with me.)  And frankly, I’m okay with that. Between wedding planning, wrapping up Year Two of my Ph.D. program, and contemplating a move out of NYC in the next couple of years (did you catch that last part?), there’s certainly lots going on in my life… It’s a good time to be given a strategy and told, “Go make this happen.”

My goal is to work my ass off this year, knock it out of the park with stellar results, and have the opportunity to show what I can do… And then next year, when the dust has settled with this first roll-out of D&I stuff, I can look to stretch a bit and see where I can add value in new and creative ways.


It took years… YEARS… but I finally nabbed the job I wanted, albeit with slightly different responsibilities than I might’ve envisioned. It’s a great relief to not only escape unemployment, but to land in my “sweet spot”.

Stay tuned for more as the job gets really shaped up in the coming weeks and months.

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