As we look ahead to our wedding at the end of August, we’ve been tentatively planning a honeymoon to London and Italy.

Unfortunately we’ve realized this week that the proposed trip isn’t going to work, and we’ve got to scrap the idea and start over.

This is particularly disappointing because some friends are getting married in London two weeks after our wedding, and we’d been looking forward to celebrating with them and a number of mutual friends. Maybe it’s overly sentimental, but there’s something sweet about extending the newlywed bliss on a honeymoon to include another wedding, especially when you don’t have to plan or pay for that one!

Alas, while on campus in residency last week, we were reviewing the course schedule for the rest of the year, and I realized that I’ll be smack in the middle of my final term of courses during the second week of September. I don’t know why I never thought of this before, but somehow the idea of going to Europe in the middle of classes doesn’t seem appealing.

Juggling class calls and 20-30 hours of schoolwork is difficult enough each week when there aren’t several additional hours of time zone difference to consider. Moreover, it’s just not what I want to be doing on my honeymoon. I want to be soaking in the scenery, sleeping in, and relaxing, not stressing about assignments and deadlines.



However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all is lost. The last day of the final term of actual courses is Saturday, November 15th. That means that on Sunday, November 16th I’m a relatively free man — from then on out, it’s writing a case study, proposing my dissertation, and digging in on my independent research. And there’s a lot more flexibility in when I do those things within the term.

With that in mind, a hypothetical trip beginning the 16th or 17th would give us a week and a half to celebrate our wedding (albeit a bit late), the end of my Ph.D. classes, and even my birthday… And still be home in time for Thanksgiving in the U.S.

So… Anyone up for a trip to Italy in mid-November?

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