April Fool’s truths

This year’s April Fool’s Day prank was particularly devious: I posted the truth, and people were falling all over themselves with smugness about how I wasn’t going to trick them with my lies.

Oh, I got you good.

Granted, there was a bit of letting readers erroneously infer something that isn’t yet known… A few confirmations:

  • We are planning to move to Florida.
  • We will be moving into my childhood home, cleaning it out, and starting a family there.
  • This is happening in the foreseeable future.

What’s not yet clear is exactly when. In my post yesterday, I accurately note that we’ll be getting married in August and then moving. This is true, but we don’t have an exact date set yet.

Our lease is up at the end of September, one month after the wedding. That’s plausible, but it’s soon, and planning a move of over a thousand miles while we’re also planning a wedding? That’s stressful. It could happen , and it still might, but chances are that’s just pushing too much with everything else that’s going on.

Another possibility would be moving at the end of this calendar year. That gives us a few more months to get everything in order and make the jump… Unfortunately there’s no neat way to accomplish that within the confines of our lease. We’d have to renew and then break the lease shortly thereafter, and we’d incur some penalties and still be responsible for the rent until someone takes over the lease. (Anybody want a two-bedroom apartment in a great neighborhood in Queens at an incredibly reasonable-for-NYC price?)

The longer term option would be to renew our lease for another full year and take a full year and a half to get everything in order. That’s honestly more time than I would prefer — I love NYC and I love living here, but I’ve gotten myself worked up and mentally prepared for the move, so waiting that long now seems like delaying the inevitable.

As I said yesterday, there are lots of work and school considerations for both of us… Sal could land a big role or a prestigious MFA program, or I could change jobs. And certainly the question of where and when we’ll be adding children to the mix is relevant also.

But the truth is, barring some unexpected and major change in our lives, we’ll be moving away and starting a family before long.

Stay tuned for more.

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