Mixed feelings

Yes, I’m smug about my fooled-you-with-truth prank this year, but it’s important to me to emphasize: leaving New York City isn’t an easy choice.

I spent more than a decade dreaming about living in NYC, and now that I’m finally here, it’s really difficult planning to leave it.

I’m in a taxi rushing home over the Queensboro bridge, looking out over the river and at the gorgeous lit up office buildings, and I don’t want to leave.

For real, this was my commute home tonight.

But then I think of the amazing life (or portion thereof) that awaits in Florida and I can’t wait to start.

You may safely assume that I am ridiculously conflicted.

I truly love living here. All things being equal, I would happily live here until the end of my days. I love being surrounded by so many different cultures, being able to take public transportation wherever I want to go, enjoying unparalleled entertainment, and sharing my days and nights with amazing colleagues and friends.

I legitimately don’t want to leave. I don’t. It feels like home here.

But then I think about the life we could have in my home town in Florida. The difference in cost-of-living is absurd, and we could make a phenomenal home in the house I grew up in — for ourselves, and for our hypothetical family in the near term. Our child(ren) could have so many remarkable advantages in Cocoa Beach that we just can’t afford to provide here in NYC.

And of course, there are advantages to living in my home town beyond financial considerations. Obviously I have family there, and I know they’d love to be a part of our kids’ lives. We have quite a few incredibly close friends there, many of whom are raising their own young children and thus would be invaluable “parent friends” to have when the time to start a family comes.

And, come on… Starting a family in a town so beautiful that people the world over vacation there has it’s own appeal, right?

I mean… you could do worse.

I suppose the point I’m making, after an incredible evening (Pentatonix autographed our wedding invitation!) and a few beverages, is that I truly love living in NYC, I really do… But I honestly see a really great life ahead in Florida, for me and for my family, even if only for a few years.

Grown-up choices are hard.

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