Pay attention, New York!

Apparently the previous couple of posts, judging from recent comments by friends, were not quite explicit enough. So once again, for the record, we don’t know when our alleged move to Florida will take place.

Seriously, there are a lot of factors at work here, and they’re just not aligning for a move in the very near term.

The biggest, of course, is that the house we were planing to move into is presenting issues. Given how much we love NYC, the only way we’re willing to leave the city is for a remarkable home in a fantastic financial situation.

At the moment, we can’t know when the house will be emptied of the 3,000 square feet of stuff that currently occupies it, and we’re not about to move down until that question has an answer. There’s also the unresolved issue of what it will cost us to live there, which makes a big difference in whether it’s financially worth leaving NYC to live in Cocoa Beach.

There’s also the question of my new job, and how comfortable my boss(es) will be with me leaving NYC to work remotely from Florida. One will almost certainly not mind at all, as he lives in Chicago and the businesses I support him in are scattered all over the country. The other, though, lives in NYC and together we support a largely NYC-based group, so that might be a harder sell.

And of course, there’s the ultimate reason that we contemplated a move to Florida in the first place: starting a family. There are so many adoption issues to worry about, and in some respects it would be easier to slog through that whole process here than in Florida. (See my previous post on the subject for details.)

Bottom line, there are a ton of undetermined considerations, and it’s unlikely that we’ll have them worked out before we have to re-sign our lease here in Jackson Heights. Given everything that’s uncertain, we will likely sign a renewal lease in a few months, and then use that extra year to figure out what the hell we’re gonna do.

So yeah, NYC, you’re probably not rid of us yet. Quit trying to see us one last time before we leave, etc.

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