To renew, or not to renew?

First, just in case you’ve missed my previous announcements: we’re not moving away from New York to Florida yet, for at least another year. Click those links for more details, but the short version is there’s no house for us to move to yet. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re staying in this apartment for another year, however.

I love this apartment — it’s affordable (by New York standards), it’s a decent walk to the subway, there are a ton of subway options, lots of grocery stores and restaurants and bars in close walking distance, and the neighborhood itself is amazing. So much diversity and culture and friendliness, all around us. It would take a lot to convince me to leave this apartment, and I can’t imagine leaving the neighborhood.

Having said that… Having our own small building (like a townhouse) with no neighbors above and below us? That’d be awesome. (I miss Rock Band, damn it.) And having a fenced in yard, even a tiny one, would be terrific so that we could play with the dogs off-leash without keeping one eye over our shoulders the whole time.

A big consideration, beyond the privacy and the space for the dogs, is space for future expansion of our family. (The human kind, not another pet.) Ideally, at some point we’d like to have a larger space so that a child can have his/her own bedroom, and with the increasingly uncertain prospects of that happening in Florida, we’re reevaluating how we could make that work here in NYC. Our second bedroom here is an office, and we’d be hard-pressed to move its contents somewhere else in the apartment. And while the room could be dual-purpose office and nursery, before long we would definitely want a dedicated bedroom for the kid(s).

Yeah, this is a bad idea…

The difficulty is that we have such a great apartment, with amazing neighbors, and it’s really very convenient… The idea of moving out is stressful, and with our wedding in 49 days (!!) and me still working on my Ph.D. coursework, this is a lousy time to be adding more stress to the picture. So I’m thinking we’ll renew for at least another year, and perhaps towards the beginning of next summer take a good hard look at what our options are then.

Unless, of course, someone knows of an awesome 2-bedroom apartment townhouse/duplex with a fenced yard in easy walking distance from the train?

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