Wedding rings!

We’ve been chomping at the bit for the last month waiting for our custom wedding rings to arrive, and yesterday we opened the box with delight! The delight was short lived, however: they’re beautiful, but mine didn’t fit.

I don’t know what happened to my finger between the THREE CONSECUTIVE DAYS that I sized it and now, but apparently my finger has gotten a bit larger since then. I confirmed that this wasn’t an error by the jeweler; I sized my finger again, and sure enough, it’s larger.

Knowing that my wedding is in 35 days, I was understandably panic-stricken. Fortunately, the jeweler has assured me that he can get a replacement to me in plenty of time for the wedding, and he knocked a good chunk of the cost off of the new ring.

And on the plus side, if I lose a lot of weight in the coming years and my finger gets smaller, hey, I already have a smaller ring ready to go!

Here they are, in all of their glory:


The band is titanium, with a stripe of silver on either side of the wood… And the wood, of course, is made from Jack Daniel’s barrels. Because what else would I use?!

Sal’s, of course, fits beautifully and looks magnificent on him. I can’t wait to put it on his ring finger in front of family and friends exactly five weeks from today!

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