Licensed to wed!

It’s an act that has become the center of countless lawsuits, protests, and recently, celebrations. Given the significance of it, I sort of expected it to be a big ordeal, but it was surprisingly… normal.

Sal and I picked up our marriage license this morning.

Hard to believe that this simple act is the center of such a whirlwind of debate. We showed up at the Clerk of Court’s office, showed our IDs, confirmed our addresses and whether or not we’d been married previously, paid our $35, and left. Everybody, from the security guards, to the employee directing people to the right office, to the clerk at the counter typing in our information, was perfectly professional, calm, and even seemed a touch bored.

We were, in effect, just like any other couple showing up for a marriage license. It was completely, utterly routine for them.

That does not, of course, mean that it was routine to us. We’ve just exercised a legal right denied to LGBT people in more than half of the United States and most of the world. A lot of people went to a whole lot of trouble to prevent this from happening, but fortunately a lot of others fought the good fight until it could be a reality. And I’m grateful, truly, for those that went to great lengths to make today’s event such a non-event for everyone except the grooms.

Just a few more days before we put this bad boy to use. Counting down!


IMG_5109 - Version 2

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