Wedding surprise video

Over the past several months, I’ve been painstakingly building a collection of video clips from friends to include in a surprise video for Sal. On Sunday, I unveiled the video at the wedding, and now I’m ready to share it with you.

Our wedding included a roughly 90-minute cabaret with songs, tributes, and yes, vows and the exchanging of rings. Right at the beginning of the cabaret, I thanked the audience for joining us in the celebration, doing a quick roll call to gauge where the collected attendees were from. We had hoots, hollers, and cheers from New York, Charlotte, Texas, Florida, and all over the United States and even Europe.

I then acknowledged that in addition to the many family and friends present, there were quite a few more who were unable to attend… and that while it was lovely that everyone present was able to share their congratulations, I wanted to ensure that others were able to do so also. The video below was the result.

I have to pause and thank Wes Raitt Photography for their incredible work on this video. And of course, to the literally dozens of friends who took the time to record something for this, thank you for helping surprise my husband on his wedding day.

I’ll be sharing the giant library of full clips with him, so even though what made it into the final cut was probably only a tiny fraction of your contribution, he’ll see every loving word from you all. Thank you again, so very much.

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