UPDATED wedding website!

You may have already seen our wedding website… Before the wedding we used it to share logistical information with guests, but now that the Big Day has come and gone, we’ve refreshed it with lots of new content to share.

Take a look:


The biggest addition is two new tabs across the top:


  • The wedding tribute montage video that I surprised Sal with at the wedding, including clips from dozens of friends from around the country who couldn’t attend but still wanted to share a few words
  • The flash mob that Sal surprised me with, bringing in more than a dozen of our wedding guests in a bit of choreographed awesomeness
  • Possibly coming soon: if you have any good videos from parts of the weekend other than the cabaret/ceremony, please let us know so we can review and possibly add them!


  • Some of our favorite shots from a professional engagement photo shoot, conducted in the Theatre District and Hell’s Kitchen a few weeks before the wedding
  • A collection of photos that wedding guests took and tagged us in, so you can see the candid shots that they collected throughout the evening
  • Coming soon: the professional wedding photographs that were taken in and around in Galapagos Art Space that day


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