Virtual reunions

I’m fortunate to have friends all over the United States and beyond, and I like to think that I’m pretty good at staying connected via Facebook and txt msgs. But I have, in my pocket and on my tablet and on both computers, technology at my fingertips that allows for a more personal touch… I just don’t use it.

So bottom line, who wants to schedule a FaceTime date?

Seriously, for years it’s been possible to video chat, and yet I rarely have taken advantage of it. That’s silly; I’d love to see your smiling faces when we reconnect.

Here’s the thing, though: impromptu FaceTime sessions just don’t seem to happen. So I have a suggestion: how about we treat a catch-up chat like we do any other important activity, and put it on the calendar?

So, dear friends, if we haven’t had a proper conversation in far too long, and you’d like to remedy that, let’s bust out our calendars and schedule a time to chat. My friendships are important to me, and I’d like to give them the time and attention they deserve.

Who’s in?

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