I’m apparently going to Canada?

The Academy of Management (AOM) is an association of over 20,000 scholars of management and organizations. This year, they’ll be hosting their 75th annual (!!) meeting, with workshops and presentations and such, in Vancouver.

It turns out, there’s a special invitation-only event for a small number of doctoral candidates, and I’ve been invited to attend.

Called a “doctoral consortium”, the event is centered around Ph.D. students who are finished with their coursework and are working on their dissertations. It’s hosted by the “Gender & Diversity in Organizations” (GDO) division of the Academy, and is limited to a maximum of 20 Ph.D. candidates from around the world.

And I found out this morning, I’m going to be one of them.

I’m so freaking excited! The conference itself was sure to be interesting, from a nerdy/scholarly perspective, judging from last year’s content… But this consortium looks like a phenomenal opportunity for someone like me, who has a decade of professional experience but virtually no “scholarly” experience. It will include sessions with journal editors (which should help me learn how to get my work published, a key focus area in academia!), discussions about transitioning into research and teaching, and even 1×1 pairing with mentors with similar research interests.

I know this may not sound very exciting to most of my readers, but to me this looks like a glimpse into a whole new direction for my career… And a whole new set of goals for “Dr. GatorUptown” to be looking forward to.

More details to come, but I guess this means I’ll be heading to Vancouver in early August!

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