Family building

Last weekend my husband and I went to the LGBT Family Building Expo in New York City. We’d been idly considering our options for somehow acquiring one or more children (how’s that for vague?) but this event really lit a fire under us.

Seriously, we’re about to get this thing started.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve talked about starting a family. A little over a year ago, we’d decided to move to my home town in Florida to adopt. That idea was squashed when it became clear that we didn’t have a home available to move to, and besides, given the current legal landscape it’s simpler for a same-sex couple to start a family in New York than in Florida. So that leaves us still in New York, and still considering options.

We’ve gone round and round considering surrogacy, private adoption, and foster care… Hell, we’ve even considered the tequila method. (That’s when Sal or I share a large bottle of tequila with a young woman we’re very close with, let nature take its course, and worry about the therapy bills later… for us, not the resulting offspring.)

Pretty much.

Point is, we went in with lots of options in mind. And at the Expo, we learned quite a lot about the various options available to us… Or more to the point, the various options that quite frankly aren’t available to us, for one reason or another. (Hell, it’s usually for one reason: cost.)

But we also learned about some exciting options that are available to us, and in fact are much more possible than we’d ever realized.

More on that soon, but for now… suffice it to say that we’re pretty excited about the journey ahead.

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  1. Please keep me up to date! I’m hoping that Dennis and I will be pursuing a similar journey soon.

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