Italy, here we come!

Over a year ago, I announced with despair that our planned honeymoon to Italy, set for two weeks after our wedding, was canceled. Between school and work and money, it just wasn’t possible.

That calamity is about to be corrected. Our flight leaves three weeks from today.

It turns out we’ll be celebrating Sal’s birthday, our honeymoon, and our one-year anniversary in Italy. We have 10 glorious nights there, and finally got our act together and figured out what we’re going to do… Sort of.

The tentative plan as of now:

  • Depart on the afternoon of Monday
  • Arrive in Rome the morning of Tuesday (happy birthday, Sal!)
  • Head directly to the Florence/Tuscany area for three or four nights
  • Head to the Amalfi Coast on Friday or Saturday, probably around Positano, for three or four nights
  • Return to Rome on Tuesday or Wednesday for two or three nights
  • Drug Sal unconscious on Friday morning and force him onto the plane home

I’ve found a place already in Positano… I’d say more, but it’s a surprise to Sal. For now, I’ll just share that this is the view:

No, really. THIS IS THE VIEW.

No, really. THIS IS THE VIEW.

We still don’t know exactly where we’re going to stay in Florence/Tuscany or Rome. Have any of you traveled to either, and have a recommendation? Please reply below!

Also welcome: advice on things to do/see in Rome, Florence, Tuscany, or the Amalfi Coast.



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